Trail Swing Rebuild Kit


Regular price $200.00

The Trail Swing was designed to be rebuilt and refreshed. Dirtcom's Trail Swing rebuild kit will replace many wear items on your Trail Swing to keep you ready for the trails.

  • Rubber Stoppers- x3
  • Rubber Wire Grommet- x1
  • Dirtcom Resting Pad Rubber- x1
  • Handle Assembly w/ catch- x1
  • Handle Hardware (m6x1.00mm nut and bolt)- x6
  • Safety Pin- x1
  • Dirtcom Lanyard- x1
  • Lug nuts set (m12x1.5 lug nuts)- x3 nuts x2 bolt
  • Wedge and Nut for Hitch assembly- x1
  • Hinge Nut (36mm Socket Size)- x1
  • Metal Hinge Bushings- x2
  • License Plate light- x1


  • The large head of the hinge bolt should not move/spin during normal opening and closing of the Trail Swing. If it moves, tighten nut.
  • Handle Assembly should be located high enough so the ubolt clears the catch when closing.