STRONGHOLD Flag Pole Mount


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Your truck bed stake pocket can now easily mount a flag!

Dirtcom's STRONGHOLD fits inside truck bed stake pockets for a clean and non intrusive way to mount your 1" flag pole to your pickup truck. Using top quality materials including billet aluminum and stainless steel, the STRONGHOLD is MADE IN USA and will last for years to come. Our patent pending reversible mount allows you to also mount antennas and led whips using a 1/2" -13 mounting bolt. The bottom of the Billet Aluminum flag pole mount can also be used as a mounting point for your flag pole for top mounting scenarios such as on the Trail Bracket for the Trail Swing.


  • CNC 6061 Billet Aluminum Mount (x1)
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Plate (x1)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • 3/8" -16 Mounting Bolts (x4) Includes 2 lengths for varying thicknesses in bed steel and added thickness from bed liners.
    • 1/4" -20 Flagpole Bolts (x2)

Installation Notes

  • The Billet Aluminum Mount measures 3" tall and 1.5" wide. Your stake pocket opening must be larger than 1.5" to slide the mount inside.
  • The Billet Aluminum Mount works with 1" OD (Outer Diameter) flag poles. We use through bolts instead of set screws to ensure your flag pole is securely mounted. You will have to drill at least one 1/4" hole through your flag pole. Drilling 2 holes using both flag pole bolts is recommended.
  • Most truck beds already have at least 1 mounting hole located in the bed wall through the stake pocket. If you wish to angle your flagpole 1 mounting point will be strong enough. However, we highly recommend drilling an additional hole to use both mounting bolts on the Stainless Steel Plate.
  • Installation Video Coming Soon