AJ Ayson

After graduating from Art Center College of Design with a B.S. in Transportation Design, I decided to pursue my passion of offroading and the outdoors. I completed my first Toyota engine swap at 16 years-old and nearly 2 decades later, I am proud to combine my love of working on cars with my Industrial Design degree. After 10 years of off road and seeing the great products companies have released, I strive to design products that both function and look amazing. Function and form should always be equal.

Harrison Ortis

Customer service is how I keep my companies successful. Being able to call a number and have a human answer nowadays is becoming rare. I am all about personal service. I have been building cars for over 20 years and my experience in the automotive world has helped me continue to grow Dirtcom everyday. We work hard everyday to give you the best design that your money can buy.

Dennis Ortis

As a consultant to Dirtcom I provide 40 years of experience as previous owner of EDCO Die. At EDCO we managed over 100 employees in our 30,000 sq ft. facility where we produced forgings and die blocks for aircraft including Boeing and the Military.

Built Tough

Chromoly Tubing

We use the same chromoly tubing that is used in race cars and roll cages for it's superior structural properties.