Wildland Coffee (Great Coffee in a Tea Bag!)


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Dirtcom's Choice for Outdoor Coffee!

As coffee lovers, a fresh cup is a must for our outdoor adventures. In search of the perfect cup we've all fumbled with drip systems, percolators, and French presses. The setup and clean up have become part of the ritual and we have learned to deal with the mess. WAKE UP! Stop wasting time! We found something better. COFFEE IN A TEA BAG! Less chore so you can adventure more! Instant coffee? NO! Those words are taboo in a coffee lovers world. This is more. This is fresh. Oh and did we mention that the bags are nitro infused for 12 months of freshness?

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Really convenient and easy to make


Perfect for any outdoor adventure

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  1. Heat 8oz of water to an almost boil
  2. Steep the bag for 8 minutes (or to taste)
  3. Enjoy

Origin Source:

Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark roast- Brazil


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Ships next business day via USPS First Class


If you don't like it, text Wildland coffee and They'll make it right with a replacement or refund 949-441-1143